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Clety Gomez spotlight

Webmaster Clety Gomez works magic with her computer. She has been in charge of the Heathrow Women’s Club website for three years and navigates changes with ease. She is responsible for the crisp new look to the website which she cheerfully undertook while taking verbal directions from four Club members who hadn’t a clue how to make the changes they were demanding.

Cletina, much better known as Clety, has been a member of the Club for 12 years, serving as Social Chairman, Ways and Means Chairman three times, and also serving as President, Adviser and Parliamentarian, and probably some others she forgot. Oh yes, she also did the newsletter, again calling on her computer skills.

Clety came to this country with her family in 1970 from Cuba when she was ten years old. Previous members of the family had made the journey earlier, including an uncle who came in a little boat. Her sister came in 1965 but it took five more years for Clety’s parents to get permission to leave. She has never been back, saying ―I have always been afraid to go back.

Although she has lived in Heathrow for 12 years, much of the past two years were spent in northern Virginia, where her husband Juan worked for Lockheed Martin. She is glad to end the commuting and settle in to a somewhat less busy life. She works from home doing translations from Spanish to English, and vice versa , of technical documents for Siemens. She also does community relations for the Heathrow Town Advisory Council. Her educational background in marketing and international business have served her well in her career and volunteer capacities.

Clety and her husband have two children: Michael, who also works for Lockheed Martin, and Melissa who is studying psychology at William and Mary College. A prominent member of the family is Snoopy the beagle who greets everyone as long lost friends. In her spare time, of which there isn’t much these days, Clety loves to read mysteries and enjoys crafts of all kinds.

By Stephanie Strass