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Linda Wright Spotlight

Linda Wright, sometimes known as Mrs. George Clooney to her closest friends, describes herself as a goofball. “I just like to have fun. Life's too serious otherwise.” Some of us find her humor infectious and have been known to be caught giggling in the corner during some serious meetings, in stitches because of some wisecrack from Linda. She has that effect on people…making them feel good.

So what is it like being Mrs. George Clooney? Well, Linda's not too happy with him. He's been out running around with some young chickie or other, according to the gossip columns. But she's always ready to take him back.

Linda was reluctant to do this interview, saying she's only a mother and a grandmother. We can only guess that she keeps her grandchildren in stitches as well. So since we can't get an interview with Linda, we'll  just have to make things up.

So where did she meet George? Probably not Facebook.  I would guess that she was on one of those tourist boats that go around Lake Como in northern Italy, oohing and ahhing with the rest of the tourists as they pass by George's villa, or villas. Apparently it is a complex of villas. He probably spotted her sitting in the back of the boat with her camera ready. He waved and she undoubtedly jumped overboard…and the rest is history.

We won't probe any further about what happened when she was dragged out of Lake Como onto the piazza. It certainly ruined the camera so we have no photographic record. We will just have to wait until she publishes her memoirs.