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Martha Halcrow spotlight

Martha Halcrow has taken on a new job, one that is out of character for her. She explains that she is normally shy and a listener -- a leveler, not a leader. But while she may disagree, those skills should be very useful in her new role as President of the Heathrow Women’s Club for 2009-2010. Besides, she has many years of experience teaching first graders. What better experience does she need?

While it may not be a natural fit, she seems to be filling the shoes very well. Her goal is to create ―a really fun year. She envisions a year in which people come closer together not only in the fun things, but also in the charitable work of the Club. She hopes ―to create memories and also get more people involved. ―It is by being involved that people get to know each other better, she points out.

She is relatively new to central Florida, having moved here from Chicago three years ago. It didn’t take her long to get on the fast track and to find herself on the Board as Executive Vice President. She is not quite sure how it happened but names a suspect member known for twisting arms. She does admit to having a problem with saying no, and as a result, has done a lot of volunteering in her time.

Martha is not new to Florida, however. She lived in Miami and went to the University of Florida, where she studied elementary education. She and her husband have two children, and have moved around a lot, with stays in New Jersey, Michigan, and Chicago. She was delighted however when her husband’s job brought them back to Florida, particularly now that much of her family now lives here as well.

In addition to teaching, Martha also worked for a short time at what she describes as her most fun, but lowest paying, job: events planner for Burdines in Miami. She spent a year organizing fashion shows parades, special events, and escorting such celebrities as Julia Child and Gloria Vanderbilt.

She is looking forward to the new year but realizes that she probably won't have as much time available for one of her favorite activities, going to the beach. She says she has no further political ambitions: this is the pinnacle of power for her.

By Stephanie Strass