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Sarabecca Rosier Spotlight

Sarabecca Rosier proudly shows off the many mementos of her children which hang on the walls and adorn the tables of her home in Lake Mary. She proudly notes the accomplishments of her daughter Scarlett (Masters degree from UCF and horsewoman) and Jason (UCF grad and a sales manager for a Nascar division). Horse awards and paraphernalia predominate, which is appropriate given Sarabecca‘s management of a mail order business for the past two decades, selling collectible horses by Breyer. She continues the tour into the garage where she stores the many other collectibles (aircraft, boats, cars, etc.) which

are part of her business.

Sarabecca is well known to the Heathrow Women‘s Club, having been a member since 1989. She joined shortly after a successful but rigorous battle with AML leukemia, a battle that included a bone marrow transplant and chemotherapy, and a battle that she wasn‘t supposed to win, having been given two months to live at the first diagnosis. She also had to endure a year without seeing her children because of fear of contamination.

Twenty years later she is a proud survivor and brings that same spirit to her work with the Club. She has served in every position except parliamentarian, which she says she turned down because she didn‘t want to have to read Roberts Rules of Order. She served as president in 1994-1995. Her background includes a degree from CCNY in elementary education. She quickly decided that wasn‘t what she really wanted to do and moved on to other things. Her career also included stints in journalism and as a legal secretary.

Today she serves as chairman of the Program Committee and as a very active and very successful salesperson on the Diamonds and Denim Committee: she has gathered more than 20 (at last count) donations for the Silent Auction. She is also active in arts organizations, volunteering with the Orlando Museum of Art and with the Red Chair Project, which supports Central Florida‘s arts and culture. She also tries her hand at the arts, including painting, trying out various styles while explaining that she is self-taught. She has eclectic interests – loves theater and walking -- and brings her usual enthusiasm to whatever she does.