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Anita Trapane

These Spotlight articles are so fun for me to do because I get to learn more about very interesting members’ lives. Our Spotlight feature, Anita Trapane, is no exception. Anita has been an HWC member since 1996 and I have been one for about 5 years, but we both swear that we had never met each other until she was chosen for this Spotlight. And, as it turns out Anita has an appreciation for art and color, and so do I. But, more on that later.

Anita grew up in Brooklyn and on Long Island, NY with her parents and one sister. She had a normal, safe childhood, although her parents moved around a lot and she felt she was always the “new kid.” But, this taught Anita how to make new friends and be adaptable to change. She grew up to attend prestigious Katharine Gibbs School in Manhattan after completing high school. Thereafter, Anita landed a job with Sperry Gyroscope, matriculated to become a program head and had Secret clearance. While she worked there she met and married her husband, Joe, a teacher, and will be celebrating 57 years of marriage in January.

She and Joe have two children, Ron and Lisa, and Anita stayed home while they were young. Also, she formed and was very active supporting scouts and charities, and teaching needlepoint which is a life-long hobby. She was also very active in her local civic association, becoming their President. When her children were in college, Anita went back to work with management responsibilities at a country club and then moved on to the position of banquet manager at the historic Bethpage Clubhouse, where she was innovative in scheduling events to occupy the property during normal off periods.

In 1996, after a visit with her sister who lives in Heathrow, she encouraged her newlywed son and his wife to move to the area. Being retired, Anita and Joe made the move too, and also brought her mother. Her daughter Lisa, living in San Diego at the time, beat them both here. Anita says, “Everything fell into place, like it was meant to be.” They now have four grandchildren close by and she and Joe have taken an active interest in their lives.

 Anita joined HWC about that time in order to meet people. Being one of our longest-tenured members, Anita has served on many committees including Ways and Means, Hospitality, Telephone, Focus, Social, and Membership. She has served on the HWC Board four times {Telephone chair, Membership chair (two years), and Programs V.P.}. While chairing the Membership Committee she was innovative in recruiting new members and grew our membership to ~160 in the early 2000s. Anita has also taken advantage of HWC social activities participating in bake sales, yard sales, happy hour socials, progressive dinners, couple’s bunco, dine arounds, etc. She says she has made some fantastic friends and is privileged to have found them through HWC.

As for hobbies, Anita has some of the most unique of which I have ever heard. First, she creates very large needlepoint works copying masters’ paintings and creating her own originals which can take up to 8 months to complete. She also loves to cook for her family and friends, especially Italian as that is her family heritage on both sides. She has the most interesting collection of foxes, yes foxes. Her home is filled with pictures, figurines, and stuffed animal foxes! Her love for foxes was stimulated when her father gave her a jeweled stickpin with a fox’s head on it for her 18th birthday. She and Joe have traveled a lot, with her favorite trip being a 29-day cruise in the South Pacific where the light and colors are amazing.

That brings me back to the initial thought about colors and relationships. Anita described awe-inspiring scenes from her travels, especially some experiences with light and coloration in early mornings and evenings. And, it seems we have a certain penchant for color in common. I have always worked with colors in my creative roles and I remember that more than a decade ago, my husband (at the time) told me a lady, whose daughter lives in Wyntree, had stopped by, admired and wanted to know what color grey (with white keys) our house was. He helped her find the paint color in our garage and she later painted her house in Regency Green a very similar grey. So, although I did not really meet Anita until recently, we each have two of the few grey houses in Heathrow.

Anita has been one of the HWC’s most dedicated members who has brought her initiative and energy to benefit our projects and befriend our members! We are so glad she’s a member!

By: Lee Granger

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