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Darlene Entringer and Lee Granger

This is a bit of an unconventional Spotlight article, but I hope you enjoy reading it. As you know, I have been writing the stories about the amazing women of the Heathrow Women’s Club for a few years now. And, I have really enjoyed getting to know so many of you on a personal basis. So, through collaboration with by long-time friend, colleague, and now the HWC EVP, Darlene Entringer, we decided to share a bit of information about our long-term partnership and our anticipation of the coming year.

Darlene is originally from North Dakota and moved to Orlando with her husband of 51 years (Larry) in 1986. They have two children and six grandchildren which have brought much joy to their lives. Darlene is a marketing professional (creative side) who worked in banking, at Bobcat, Tupperware’s national office, and AAA National. She officially retired in 2012. Since then, she and Larry have traveled together and with their friends and grandchildren. She enjoys her two! book clubs, goes to yoga, and keeps an active social calendar. She joined the HWC in 2012 and says, “Through this group, I have made many close friends and enjoyed supporting our local charities with their focus on the needs of area women and children. I look forward to sharing my skills and talents with this wonderful women’s club.”

I grew up in Louisiana, lived in Los Angeles and Minneapolis, before moving to Lake Mary in 1995 to take a leadership role at AAA National. I built my home in Heathrow and have really loved living here. I have had two husbands, but no children. My mother moved into Oakmonte Village five years ago and I have enjoyed her company and that of her little dog Junebug, who recently passed away. I am also a marketing professional (strategic and branding sides) and worked at Carlson Cos., AAA, Navtech (now an Airbus company), Club Assist, and Trisept Solutions. And, for the last 10 years I have also had my own consulting company. I joined HWC in 2012 as I wanted to get more involved in supporting local charities and to meet new women friends. HWC has worked out very well for me from both perspectives!

Darlene and I collaborated at AAA on many successful initiatives. We led the re-branding of AAA in 1996—the logo and identity that you see everywhere, including your AAA membership card. We also planned and managed all the promotions and events celebrating AAA’s 100-year anniversary. We supported the launch of AAA’s first internet strategy and presence and had a lot of fun working on travel and motorsports initiatives. Darlene also worked with me and the sub-committee on the HWC Communications Plan in 2015.

We are both so honored and excited to have been elected to lead the HWC Executive Board in the coming year! We hope to bring our experience, creativity, trust, partnership, and initiative to bear as we work with the other Board and Committee members to make the coming year an exceptional experience for the HWC family. We’re counting on everyone’s ideas and participation to make HWC the premier membership and charitable organization in our area. “Socializing with a purpose” is the club’s motto and our mantra!


By Lee Granger

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